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be HOT YOGA UNfranchise GROUP

be HOT YOGA, your and your studio's path to success.

Unlike other, so-called yoga franchises, be HOT YOGA offers REAL VALUE to its members.

Community. Community. Community.
The three most important things about the be HOT YOGA's UNfranchise GROUP

be HOT YOGA was created by a studio owner for studio owners.

Pernille Tjelum and Michael Wild, Founders of be HOT YOGA are creating a community for like-minded studio owners who want to be part of a community that works together for the benefit of the students and the success of the studios.

Our primary goal is to create a community of like-minded studio owners who want to share information, ideas and help everyone in the community grow and prosper.

the be HOT YOGA CORE 32 Hot Yoga Series

Pernille has developed the CORE 32 yoga series which is based on the Bikram Yoga series so your current clientele of Bikram Yoga studios will continue to enjoy the class they are used to practicing. The CORE 32 series is an EVOLUTION of the Bikram method. The 90 minute version offers more upper body strengthening and introduces a couple more postures to increase variety. There are some other small EVOLUTIONs that improve the flow of the series and the best thing of all, is the CORE 32/90 minute class has been adapted into the CORE 32/60 minute class. Bikram yogis finally have what they have long been asking for, more of an upper body workout and more variety in postures and class length. Bikram Yoga trained teachers will have a very easy transition and will be able to teach the class with just a small amount of supplemental training.

what we have to offer YOU and the cost:

You pay to license the brand/identity of be HOT YOGA and the CORE 32 yoga series is open source and free for anyone to use. Your set-up and annual costs are a fraction of what it would cost to pay a designer or advertising agency to provide you with the quantity and quality of what we have to offer.

$8,000 USD - Initial UNfranchise Fee
- website
- personalized business card PDF
- custom schedule PDF
- notice sheet PDF Template
- launch poster PDF
- logo/identity PDFs with usage guide
- custom signage PDFs specifically design for your location's needs
- Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and PhotoShop (.psd) files of original files used to create PDFs
- CORE 32/90 minute and CORE 32/60 minute class guide
- includes photos, dialogue and benefits

ongoing membership fees and other costs

$200/2% - Monthly Membership Fee. You only pay 2% of gross sales or a minimum of $200 per month.
$65 per hour - Graphic Designer Services ($20 per hour discount off regular rate of $85 per hour)
- if you want to create a poster or campaign over and above what is offered in the initial set-up package, we can help.
- and since all of the template files are handled by our designers the time it takes them to create new posters and other promotional material for you will be greatly reduced saving you money.

future fees

Over time the initial one time set-up and monthly membership fees will increase, but they will only increase as we ADD MORE VALUE to what we give to our members. Advanced notice will be given for any increases and they will be methodical and occur over extended periods of time. The dollar value of any increase will always be a fraction of the dollar value received by the individual studio location. This is the power of operating as one cohesive group, economics of scale.

opting out

I don't know why you would ever want to, but if you want to opt out you can at any point in time with 1 day's notice, no penalty and no retribution. We deeply believe in what we are doing will benefit all members, but if the relationship is not working, why stay in it for any longer than necessary.

The power in number comes from a nationally and internationally recognized brand. People travel, people talk, we live in a global community and as world of our HOT YOGA EVOLUTION spreads students/clients will search out be HOT YOGA studios.

future plans

The future is wide open. Our group will actively seek out new opportunities and share information of successes and failures so we can all learn and thrive.

Ongoing professional development will be a core aspect of the be HOT YOGA teacher community. Within the first year, Pernille will develop a teacher training that will be accessible, affordable and most importantly, produce great teachers who know how to teach, not just recite a dialogue. Teachers will be educated on the importance of supporting their studios and studio owners so everyone can achieve long term success.

Seminars will be developed for be HOT YOGA teachers so they can continue their education forever.

We will organize annual studio owner retreats to bring our community even closer together. These will include presentations and seminars from studio owners and industry professionals.

A formal mechanism for dispute resolution will be developed. It will be based on fairness, common sense and the greater good of the be HOT YOGA students and community. All decisions and the reasoning behind them will be made available to all beHOT YOGA studio owners. All decisions will help shape the be HOT YOGA Member Guide and be HOT YOGA Studio Operations Manuals. More importantly, we will strive to ensure conflicts between studio owners do not arise in the first place. Interviews with potential members will be conducted to ensure all studio owner members are committed to growing as a cohesive group. Just because someone is willing to pay the fees, doesn't guarantee them membership. We will undertake extensive city planning and take into account not just the population and space between studios, but the population density, traffic flow patterns, geographic boundaries, location of competitors, attendance at the closest be HOT YOGA and more. Our goal is to ensure the continued success of current and future be HOT YOGA studio. No decision will ever be made that puts the success of any member's success in jeopardy.


more on the be HOT YOGA vision

be HOT YOGA provides a safe environment for people of all ages & fitness levels to improve their quality of life through the restorative, therapeutic healing practice of the CORE 32 hot yoga series.

be HOT YOGA offers the CORE 32 hot yoga series. The CORE 32 hot yoga series was developed by its Cofounder, Pernille Tjelum and is based on her 11 years of experience teaching the Bikram Yoga series. Unlike Bikram Yoga, be HOT YOGA's CORE 32 classes vary in length of time and postures practiced and includes postures to work on more of the upper body. Pernille Tjelum was the first to bring hot yoga to Edmonton in 2002 when she founded Bikram Yoga Edmonton. After operating two successful Bikram Yoga studios for the last 11 years she felt it was time for a change. Pernille found her students looking for more... looking for variation... looking for more of an upper body workout... looking for an evolution of the yoga they had been practicing for years.

While Pernille believes in the healing benefits of the Bikram Yoga series she too was looking to expand her knowledge of yoga and knew there was room for improvement. After researching her options Pernille found Tony Sanchez's teacher training. Yoga Master Tony Sanchez is the director of the Yogic Physical Culture Academy. Tony is one of the world's most respected authorities on all things hatha yoga. Tony has been practicing and teaching the 84 asanas from the Ghosh lineage since 1976. He's one of the few yoga practitioners to hold two World Cup Yoga Sport titles from the International Yoga Federation. Tony Sanchez trained with Bikram Choudhury from 1976 until 1980, when he was certified by Ghosh’s College of Physical Education. Tony's been featured in numerous books, magazines, and newspaper publications.

Through Tony's training the doors of yoga opened wide for Pernille and she realized there was so much more that could benefit her students than the 26 postures with two breathing exercises offered in the Bikram Yoga series.

Pernille developed a "CORE 32" hot yoga series and offers them at be HOT YOGA in 60 and 90 minute options and this is just the beginning. Pernille is working on further evolving the series to CORE 32 by adding a Yin Yoga component at the end of class. The 32 postures with 2 breathing exercises that make up the CORE 32 yoga class will also continue to evolve as Pernille explores the world of yoga with her teachers and practitioners.

the be HOT YOGA philosophy

At be HOT YOGA our teachers are your guides, not your drill sergeants. You can drink water when you need to, you can sit out postures you want to and you can leave the yoga room to go pee when ever you need to. We have very few guidelines for our students and the ones that exist are there for the greater enjoyment of the yoga by everyone. Our guidelines form a construct for mutual respect of the students you enjoy your practice with.

be HOT YOGA provides a safe environment for men and women who are committed to physical, mental and emotional wellness. We support and guide our students in their journeys of self discovery and therapeutic healing benefits of the CORE 32 yoga series.




10619 124 Street NW
Edmonton, AB  T5N 1S5

Michael Wild or Pernille Tjelum
Phone: 780-700-2332